Ajust-a-bar is a secondary tillage implement for broadacre farmers. It is a recognised alternative to the disc chain. Correctly timed and executed cultivation can prove pivotal to the success of your annual crop. Ajust-a-bar can help create better soil consistency through leveling, ripping up of weeds and preparing the soil for sowing.

a recognised alternative to the disc chain

Assists with the cultivation needs on farm

An Ajust-a-bar can assist with the cultivation needs and management of stubble on a farm. Set it to leave stubble on top, incorporate it or set to bury it. Originally designed to work with heavy stubble, it offers a versatility matched by no others in its field. Ajust-a-bars are proving their worth on farm. Incorporation of chemicals and lime to broadcast sowing are just some of its ever expanding uses.

Does your soil type differ from one side of your farm to the other? Different soil types can be worked differently using an Ajust-a-bar, something not offered by competitors.

The ability to change the way the machine works the soils is achieved with the use of adjustable wings. This means the angle at which the discs pass through the soil can be controlled effectively allowing the amount of soil throw and tilth to be adjusted to create the best result.

The sharp discs also allow summer weed growth to be both cut up and worked over which can ease potential trash flow issues at sowing time.

Designed for use in Australian conditions

It was developed with the knowledge that heavy cultivation on all soil types is not suitable. The Ajust-a-bar can reduce its cutting depth to as little as 25mm or 1” if needed. Subsequently still allowing the stubble to be knocked over and weeds to be cut, but also reducing the soil disturbance and potential wind or water erosion if needed.

adapt the way you treat your stubbles from season to season

60ft Ajustabar working

Traditional stubble management tools are set up to work a stubble only one way. An Ajust-a-bar helps keep your options open by allowing you to adapt the way you treat your stubble from season to season or one paddock to the next.

Why choose the Ajust-a-bar?

Designed to help the innovative farmer tailor make their cultivation and stubble management to suit their farm. The Ajust-a-bar is a secondary tillage implement. Enhance the results achievable from the tractor seat by opening up the options for different soil types across a farming enterprise. Control your depth, angle and pressure with this adjustable disc chain alternative.

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