Options and Upgrades

Although originally designed for mulching stubble, the Ajust-a-bar has proven itself to be very versatile in the market, and the uses for it on farm have expanded. There are now a series of options and extras which can be added to an Ajust-a-bar.

The modular design of the Ajust-a-bar has also ensured that, as technology improves and designs are refined, the earlier models can be upgraded. This is often a case of simply unbolting an older component and inserting a newer one.

The team at Ajust-a-bar are very conscious of the need to ensure that everyone who owns an Ajust-a-bar is able to access all the features available.

Sowing kits

Sowing heads and clamps can be added to an Ajust-a-bar to allow for broadcast sowing of pastures and small seeds.

The sowing heads are normally mounted on the leading arms of the machine with the first set of discs cracking the soil and the trailing gangs covering the seed.

To see the results of broadcast sowing using an Ajust-a-bar refer to our video and photo gallery.

Trailing harrows

(for Series 1 and 2 Bars)

We have taken the best star harrow on the market – Agmaster – and re-framed them on a design that is suitable to be mounted behind your Ajust-a-bar. The harrows clamp on to the rear beam of the bar to enable rear wheel tracks to be removed.  Due to the mounting system, they can be fitted to most ground engaging tools.

Widths ranging from 1.2m (4ft) to 2m (6ft) are available. The harrows are designed to work at a maximum of 30° with less severe angles giving a better finish. To get the best result, at least one star of overlap is recommended.

When not required the harrows mounted to an Ajust-a-bar can be lifted and locked into a near vertical position. This reduces overall transport length for public road travel.

Secondary Accumulator

A secondary master cylinder can be added to the rear arms of an Ajust-a-bar. This allows for the disc gangs on the back of the machine to be set at a different pressure to those on the leading arms, giving an even greater control on the finish, if required.

Upgrade kits

If you own an earlier machine (Series 1 or 2) and wish to upgrade so that it has some of the latest features the following upgrade kits are available. Contact our team to discuss you needs.

  • Axle conversion kits (from 1 1/8” square to 1 ¾” round)
  • Drawbar extension conversion kit
  • Deeper triangles conversion kit
  • 75mm trailing wheel conversion kit
  • Telescopic stopper arm conversion kit
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