About us

AJUST-A-BAR working
Ajust-a-bar fallowing in Central West NSW.

Ajust-a-bar is part of Martin Contracting, a family owned business located on farm 15km west of Albury. Nigel Martin is the principal of Martin Contracting and Ajustabar.

The Ajust-a-bar is Nigel’s idea. With the collaboration of several people the concept has been brought to life. It came through a need in our existing farming practices. A need for a disc chain, but after looking into products that were already on the market, there did not appear to be anything that actually met our requirements for price, design and flexibility and so we made our own.

The aim of Ajust-a-bar is a product that is both practical and functional, for use in many soil types and conditions. We are also farmers in marginal country in central western NSW. The ability to change the way the stubble and the machine interact was integral in the development of the Ajust-a-bar.

Ajust-a-bar, working on the farm in stubble, Central West NSW.

Ajust-a-bar, released in 2016, has developed a supply chain of Australian manufacturers to support the delivery of this truly innovative Australian product.

Martin Contracting is also an earth-moving business. In recent years we have started to make stick rakes to order. In the past, Nigel has made stick rakes to suit his needs.  With the expansion of the workshop, the capacity is now there to make and sell stick rakes, and their parts, to the earth-moving community.