Features and details

Machine Features and Details

An Ajust-a-bar is an alternative to a disc chain but has many of the benefits of an offset disc. Relatively light in the world of disc-based cultivation, where other machines are getting heavier and heavier to work harder and deeper, the Ajust-a-bar uses a hydraulic jump arm system to effectively increase the pressure of the disc gangs on the go from the tractor seat.

Hydraulic cylinder used to change the pressure of the disc gangs

Control your pressure

Each gang has its own hydraulic cylinder linked back through a central manifold and master cylinder. Subsequently to make the discs and machine ‘heavier’ you can increase the pressure hydraulically. To make the discs and machine lighter, simply release the pressure and allow the discs to float.

This hydraulic system allows the overall weight of the machine to be kept at a minimum and as a result also allows the discs to behave like some of the heaviest disc chains around, if needed.

Ajustabar disc gangs

Utilises disc gangs

Ajust-a-bar has disc gangs instead of disc chains. These gangs ‘roll’ in straight lines therefore making them lighter to pull. The gangs also have the ability to jump up to 270mm (10”) to clear obstacles. Each gang is fitted with a one way hydraulic piston or accumulator cylinder. To apply pressure in hard clay soils the pressure can be increased to penetrate better and in light country the pressure can be reduced.

Ajust-a-bar uses 18″ discs with an 8″ (200mm) spacing.

Lug tyre option for Ajust-a-bar

Lighter draught

The Ajust-a-bar “floats” on its tyres, and the discs “cut/roll” through the soil, as opposed to being dragged. This reduces the horsepower requirements for pulling the bars as well as assisting with depth control.

The machine has wheels placed at all four corners which stops it from digging in like traditional disc machines.

The Ajust-a-bar has two standard options in tyres, an implement tread or a lug tread. Please contact our team to discuss which tyre option would best suit your needs.

Control your depth with mechanical depth stops

Control your depth

The maximum cutting depth achievable with the Ajust-a-bar is 75mm (3”). However, if this is greater than your desired depth, mechanical depth stops can be applied to each of the phasing cylinders to hold the implement at your chosen depth.

Axle system used on the disc gangs

Axle system

Ajust-a-bar uses a rotating axle system.

The discs have a round hole in the centre and are threaded on a round axle, consequently it is essential to keep the gangs tight so the axle rotates, not the discs, for the longevity of the axles.

As with all Ajust-a-bar improvements, machines with the original square axles can be upgraded to the now standard round system. Contact the team at the factory to find out more.


Ajust-a-bar has a simple folding system, where the machine collapses back in on itself – much like an umbrella. This therefore means that folding to pass through gateways and narrow openings is quick and simple.

When the machine has been folded down, it is held closed with a mechanical arm.

Refer to our video gallery to see how the folding and unfolding of the machine works.

Specifications 2020

ModelM8 (50')M9.8 (60')
Maximum working width16.45m (54')19.5m (64')
Minimum working width14.9m (49')18.3m (60')
Transport length15m16m
Transport width3.5m3.8m
Weight (approx)~9500kg~10,000kg

The number of acres or hectares you can do per hour* is directly related to your horsepower capacity and the types of soils you have, but working in ideal conditions and at the operating speeds listed below, you can expect to cover the number of acres per hour or hectares per hour as detailed in the table.

Potential area covered per hour

Cutting width (m)Effective cutting width (with overlap)At 8kphAt 9kphAt 10kphAt 11kph
AcresHectares AcresHectaresAcresHectaresAcresHectares
M8 (50')50' 30 ac/hr12.2 ha/hr33.9 ac/hr13.7 ha/hr37.6 ac/hr15.2 ha/hr41.5 ac/hr16.7 ha/hr
M9.8 (60')60'36.1 ac/hr14.6 ha/hr40.65 ac/hr16.4 ha/hr45.2 ac/hr18.3 ha/hr49.7 ac/hr20.1 ha/hr
* Results will vary with soil conditions. Areas given are an approximate guide only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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