The gangs can be locked down to let the frame pressure to be applied onto the disc or allowed to float where they can jump up to 10" or 250mm
The gangs can  jump up to 10″ or 250mm

The Ajust-a-bar® is an alternative to a disc chain, with full control over aggression and depth of cut.

Instead of adding more and more cast weights to a chain, Ajust-a-bar® has a hydraulic accumulator system which allows pressure applied to the gangs to be increased as needed and to suit soil type.  Alternatively for a lighter level of cultivation the gangs can be allowed to float therefore having the ability to handle rougher country (stones etc) as each gang can jump up to 10″ or lighter loam soils. This creates a multi purpose harrow for use in:

  • secondary cultivation eg full cut on the front gang at 35 degrees at 2″ depth
  • cutting trash
  • stubble management by adjusting aggression, simply open machine up to enable you to cut stubble with minimal soil disturbance

It’s not a speed tiller, not a chain bar, not a stubble cutter but a combination allowing a level of all of these things.

Have a look at our photo gallery and video gallery to see an Ajust-a-bar® in action.

NOTE this machine has not been developed for heavy primary cultivation, it is not an offset disc, it is a disc chain alternative.

The big benefits are reduction in burning by allowing tillage gear to pass through heavy stubbles, an economical reduction in chemical use assisting in herbicide resistance control.

All pivot points are greasable, and the gangs have  high tensile steel pins and replaceable brass bushes.

Ajust-a-bar® 46′ model (14 metre)


  • Max. working width 16.5m (54’4”)
    Min. working width 14m (46’)
  • Approximate weight 9,000kg
  • Length 15.2m (49’10”)
  • Transport width 3.85m (12’7”)
  • Transport clearance 250mm (10”)
  • Cutting depth 75mm (3”)
  • Number of discs – 175
  • Disc size 450mm x 4mm
  • Disc spacing – 200mm
  • Hydraulics:
    Phasing cylinders – 3½”, 3¼”, 3”
    Hoses ½” double braid
    Winch motor  – Hydraulic
  • Tyre size 12.00×16 12Ply
  • Stub axle 3.5 ton
  • Number of wheels 6
  • Chain size 10mm
  • Wheel track 2.5m (8’)

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