Not a disc chain, not a speed tiller, not an offset disc, not a stubble cutter – but a combination of all


An AJUST-A-BAR™ is a fully ajustable tillage implement to be used in broadacre agriculture to as an alternative to a disc chain. For secondary tillage it presents a fresh look at cultivation methodology.

The adjustable nature allows alteration of the aggression of cultivation, this gives full control to the operator for the level of cultivation. This control can assist with erosion and soil management which are critical aspects of farming in Australia’s arid climate and marginal farming areas.

Most agricultural broadacre tillage implements have a set aggression. They cut the soil at a set angle at a set depth. The AJUST-A-BAR™ is different in that the angle of the cultivation can be altered and the depth of the cut is also variable. It is able to be altered to merely cut stubble to help with stubble management reducing the need for burning, or it can be opened out to an aggressive angle to cut out weed growth.

The AJUST-A-BAR™ is a multi-function tool reducing the need for multiple implements.