Ajust-a-bar®, the disc chain alternative

Ajust-a-bar® is a secondary tillage implement designed to help the innovative farmer tailor make their cultivation and stubble management to suit their farm. This adjustable disc chain alternative allows for depth, angle and pressure to be altered – optimising the results achievable from the tractor seat and opening up options for different soil types across a farming enterprise. 

Ajust-a-bar®, is used in agriculture as an alternative to disc chains and stubble cutters.  It is used for secondary tillage and presents an innovative new look at cultivation technology.

Ajust-a-bar® opens and closes in a different fashion to conventional tillage equipment. This is what sets it apart (see our video gallery for how it opens). This adjustable nature allows alteration of the aggression, thus giving full control to the operator for the level of cultivation. This control can assist with erosion and soil management which are critical in Australia’s arid climate and marginal farming areas.

Using an Ajust-a-bar®, light stubble in one paddock can be chopped one way and the heavy stubble just through the gate can be cut differently all with the same machine. Ajust-a-bar® can cut as deep as 75mm (3”) or can be set to just skim the surface, effectively just tickling the soil or incorporating chemicals.

Ajust-a-bar® has disc gangs instead of disc chains. These gangs ‘roll’ in straight lines making them lighter to pull. The gangs also have the ability to jump up to 270mm (10”) to clear obstacles. Each gang is fitted with a hydraulic piston to apply pressure; in hard clay soils the pressure can be increased to better penetrate and in light country it can be reduced.

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The Ajust-a-bar® is a multi-function tool reducing the need for multiple implements.